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C. Alan Publications is delighted to welcome the following talented composers & arrangers to our catalog. Click on a name to view the corresponding composer profile.

Robert Ambrose Robert Ambrose
Martin Blessinger Martin Blessinger
John Brown John "Hound" Brown
Nicholas Chernich Nicholas Chernich
Yiu-kwong Chung Yiu-kwong Chung
Cody Criswell Cody Criswell
Jacob Emch Jacob Emch
Bill Hoehne Bill Hoehne
Jesus Martinez Jesus Martinez
Matthew Moore Matthew Moore
Jules Pegram Jules Pegram
Jacob Remington Jacob Remington
Philip Rice Philip Rice
Ronald Stilwell Ronald Stilwell
Edward Witt Edward Witt

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Grade 1
Goosebumps Greg Danner 18290 Listen!
Grade 2      
Concert Processional Joseph Turrin 17800 Listen!
The Healing Sword (wth narrator) Jeff Jordan 18240 Listen!
Pangean Overture Danny Williams 17810 Listen!
Procession of the Knights of Agincourt Danny Williams 17820 Listen!
Sound the Call Daniel McCarthy 17990 Listen!
Grade 3      
Adagio on a Sussex Carol Luigi Zaninelli 17630 Listen!
Beneath Night's Shadow Reber Clark 17790 Listen!
Black Hours We Have Spent Philip Rice 17700 Listen!
Casu Consulto Jason K. Nitsch 17840 Listen!
Destination Cincopation Jason K. Nitsch 17850 Listen!
Io Tacerò Gesualdo/R. Ambrose 18150 Listen!
Sunset Luigi Zaninelli 17690 Listen!
The Water Gary Gackstatter 18050 Listen!
Wind Turbines Daniel Chisham 18220 Listen!
Grade 4      
Band Trip Reber Clark 18070 Listen!
Beside Still Waters David R. Gillingham 18160 Listen!
Carnival of the Animals (selections) Saint-Saëns/E. Del Borgo 16370 Listen!
Escape! Ed Kiefer 18100 Listen!
The Greatest Generation (with narrator) Greg Danner 18230 Listen!
The House Carpenter Frederick Speck 17720 Listen!
Imagining World Nathan Daughtrey 17680 Listen!
Lucid Dreams David R. Gillingham 17770 Listen!
One Hundred Years of Light Reber Clark 18180 Listen!
Sea Chanteys Bill Hoehne 18110 Listen!
Silly Circus Suite Gary Gackstatter 17780 Listen!
Grade 5      
Carnivale Glazunov/R. Stilwell 18200 Listen!
Concerto for Marimba & Wind Ensemble Yiu-kwong Chung 18210 Listen!
The Glass Prison Noah D. Taylor 18010 Listen!
The Guide Noah D. Taylor 16420 Listen!
Homage David R. Gillingham 18360 Listen!
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Grade 3
Deck the Halls arr. Nathan Daughtrey 17860 Listen!
O Holy Night arr. Nathan Daughtrey 17880 Listen!
Grade 4      
God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen arr. Nathan Daughtrey 17870 Listen!
Tango Moderno Jules Pegram 17890 Listen!
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The Ignite Series
Puzzle Pieces (2-20+ players) Josh Gottry 17610 Listen!
Rainfall (6-8 players) Adam Miller 18030 Listen!
Seaside Stroll (6-12 players) Kandis Taylor 18020 Listen!
Spare Change (5-10 players) Josh Gottry 17250 Listen!
Thunder on the Bay (6-12 players) Scott Harding 05500 Listen!
Topsy Turvy (6-12 players) Nathan Daughtrey 18040 Listen!
Walk in the Park (5-8 players) Donna Bohn 10660 Listen!
The Best of the Rest      
Angels of the Apocalypse (8 players) David R. Gillingham 17600 Listen!
Blind Faith (9 players + Flute & English Horn) Gabe Musella/Rick Rodriguez 16630 Listen!
Cellar Door (8 players) Edward Witt 17570 Listen!
Concerto for Vibraphone & Percussion Ensemble (solo + 8 players) Nathan Daughtrey 17220 Listen!
Coventry Storm (8 players) Edward Witt 17580 Listen!
Dimensions of a Dream (9 players) Jesus Martinez 18280 Listen!
Janissary Band (14 players) Stanley Leonard 17830 Listen!
Jump Start (14 players) Jeff Jordan 17640 Listen!
Liturgical Music David R. Gillingham 16950 Listen!
Marimbaroque (4 players on 2 marimbas) Yo Goto 17760 Listen!
No Me Digas! (7-8 players) Kandis Taylor 17590 Listen!
Persistence of Memory (3 players) Dave Hall 17620 Listen!
Shifting Cells (4 players) James M. David 18170 Listen!
Soundscape (solo organ + 4 players) Robert Rumbelow 17650 Listen!
Spun (8 players) Nathan Daughtrey 18040 Listen!
Transitions (solo percussion + 7 players) Josh Gottry 17073 Listen!
Whirlwind (8 players) David R. Gillingham 17710 Listen!
You Can Can-Can Too (8 players) Matthew Moore 18270 Listen!
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Bright Star (duet for voice & keyboard percussion) Ricardo Souza 18310 Listen!
Canções Infantis, Book 2 (solo vibraphone collection) Ricardo Souza 17660 Listen!
A Christmas Vibe (collection of holiday arrangements for solo vibraphone) Josh Gottry 17210 Listen!
Concerto for Marimba & Wind Ensemble (piano reduction) Yiu-kwong Chung 18212 Listen!
Concerto for Vibraphone (piano reduction) Nathan Daughtrey 17222 Listen!
Entanglement (percussion duet) Cody Criswell 17560 Listen!
In-Transit (solo vibraphone with electronic accompaniment) Sean Daniels 17490 Listen!
The Musical Marimbist (2-mallet marimba etude book) Tom Morgan 16640 Listen!
The Nashville Drummer (play-along drum set collection) John "Hound" Brown 18080 Listen!
Night of Mourning (solo marimba w/ singing) Michael Neumeyer 18330 Listen!
Rhapsody for Solo Marimba (solo 5-octave marimba) Jacob Remington 17670 Listen!
The Sacred Marimbist, Volume 1 (hymn collection for solo 5-octave marimba) David R. Gillingham 16600 Listen!
The Sacred Marimbist, Volume 2 (hymn collection for solo 4.3-octave marimba) Nathan Daughtrey 18000 Listen!
Shattered Dreamscapes (solo 5-octave marimba) Martin Blessinger 18190 Listen!
Shattered (solo 5-octave marimba) Cody Criswell 17540 Listen!
Suite Pepper (concert etudes for developing 4-mallet marimba technique) Brett Jones 18090 Listen!
Underwater Adventure (solo marimba) Jacob Emch 17550 Listen!
Walking Together (solo marimba) Nicholas Chernich 18130 Listen!
Winter Prelude & Postlude (holiday solo marimba | marimba quartet) Nathan Daughtrey 17530 Listen!
The Yuletide Marimbist Companion (vibraphone accompaniment to The YuletideMarimbist) Nathan Daughtrey 17730 Listen!
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Andante from Sonata No. 19 (clarinet quintet) Beethoven/B. Ward 17410 Listen!
Black Belt, White Cadillac (mixed chamber ensemble) Daniel McCarthy 17510 Listen!
Elegy for Alto Saxophone & Piano Luigi Zaninelli 18120 Listen!
Minus Nine (string quartet + percussion quartet) David Madeira 18260 Listen!
Moral Compass (soprano voice, alto sax, percussion) Jon Metzger 18300 Listen!
A New Hope (2 pianos, flute, 3 percussion, drum set, electric bass, strings) Nathan Daughtrey 18060 Listen!
Suite concertante for Alto Saxophone (alto sax & piano) Luigi Zaninelli 18140 Listen!
Suite Concertante for Flute (flute & piano) Luigi Zaninelli 18142 Listen!
Wild & Peaceful (alto sax, vibraphone, violin, viola, cello) Daniel McCarthy 17500 Listen!
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Five Sacred Songs (solo voice with piano) Luigi Zaninelli 18320 Listen!
My Father's World (SATB choir with piano) Luigi Zaninelli 14923 Listen!
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